December 8, 2020

Congratulations to the 69 NEW CCSP®s who were successful in November’s certification exam! Fifteen DACBSP® candidates also passed the written portion of their certification goals. While the launch of the ACBSP™ Computer Based Testing was not without challenges, a hearty “Thank You” goes to all candidates for their professionalism and resolve in working with us to provide this new format. And for those asking, yes, this is the new standard for future tests. Go to the ACBSP™ website to see the names of our new certificants!


The link is open for the 2021 Certification Maintenance Fees. You may notice the updated form. ACBSP™ has moved to e-signatures through Adobe sign. Once you complete your registration form, the national office sends a “second” email to you. The whole process now only takes a few minutes of your time. Be sure to check all of your email addresses to make sure you received it. And please make sure to update your favorite email address with the home office.


The Board of Directors nomination form arrived in your inboxes Wednesday, 3 December. Two DACBSP® positions will be open. Anyone can nominate an active certificant who is a DACBSP®. New faces are always needed. Taking an active role in the ACBSP™ and bringing new ideas to the table is one more way we can make the specialty field of sports chiropractic stronger!


And from our home to yours, we wish you joy, peace and good health throughout the Holiday Season.


Best always,