November 3, 2020

The ACBSP™ will debut Computer Based Testing via Remote Proctor this Saturday November 7, 2020! Benefits of the CBT-RP include taking the test in your own comfortable setting, enhanced test security and notification of the results earlier than previously possible. The ACBSP™ has been working to move to this form of testing and thanks to  Assessment Systems Corporation for modernizing the assessment process.  Seventy-seven CCSP® and 20 DACBSP® candidates will test for certification. We wish them well!


Are you listed on the ACR – the ACBSP™ Concussion Registry? Ohio leads the way. An article specifically mentions the guidelines from the Routledge Taylor and Francis Group, Research in Sports Medicine 2019: “Concussion clinical presentation and symptom duration for pediatric sports-related concussions following Ohio concussion law.” DACBSP®s and CCSP®s listed in the ACBSP™ Concussion Registry are able to independently clear athletes to return to play.


Have you completed your continuing education credits for 2020? Without an ACBSP™ symposium, many have looked for alternative options. Go to the ACBSP™ website, click on Concussion and check if you are in the Registry. If not, or you are close to Registry expiration, click on the next button to the right and take the course. It is worth 12-15 hours of ACBSP™ CEUs and will keep you current on the latest concussion guidelines. This is another way we can make the specialty field of sports chiropractic stronger!