Saturday, November 7th, 2020 - CCSP® & DACBSP® Written Exam

Location: Remote Proctored, Computer - based

Please read the exam policy for the exam you are testing for prior to registration.
CCSP® Exam Policy
DACBSP® Exam Policy

*All materials, including payment, need to be received at the ACBSP™ National Office prior to the exam.  For testing, all materials must be received by October 14th. If all materials are not received by October 14, 2020, you will not be permitted to take the examination(s) for which you registered.*


  1. A completed online application form and application fee paid in full. The online application form must be completed to begin the exam application process.
      1. Please know that you must have cookies enabled for the form and payment system to work properly.
      2. The online application form asks you to attest that you have read and understand the Certificant and Candidate Agreement and Release. Follow the link and read the document in full.
      3. Please note that your application package will NOT be complete or processed until the remaining requirements listed below are received at the ACBSP™ national office.
  2. A copy of your healthcare provider level CPR card. This item must be submitted prior to the application deadline AND it must still be valid on the date of the exam.  It may be faxed or emailed to the ACBSP™ national office (contact information is shown below).
  3. A copy of your DC license. The license must be valid on the exam date AND proof of current status must be submitted prior to the application deadline.  This item may be faxed or emailed to the ACBSP™ national office (contact information is shown below).
  4. The transcript record of the qualifying post-graduate training. Transcripts must come directly from the issuing college or certifying body to the ACBSP™ national office.  We do NOT need a copy of your DC transcript.
    1. CCSP® course transcript showing successful completion of the requisite number of hours successfully completed (100 hours).
    2. All course hours must be reported on one transcript from a single accredited chiropractic college. If you took course hours from more than one college, you will need to contact your colleges to learn how to transfer some of your hours so that all of the hours are recorded on a single transcript from one school.
    3. If you are using an MS degree, residency program experience, or ATC to qualify to for the exam, we will need a transcript from your college or certifying organization (NATA) as evidence of completion of the course of study or certification.  Please have your school or organization fax or email the transcript to ACBSP™ National Office.

Cancellation policy:

  • $50 non-refundable
  • 50% of the exam application fee, minus a $50 processing fee, will be refunded with written cancellation 14-21 days prior to the exam date
  • Written cancellations received less than 14 days prior to the exam date will receive no refund without documentation of a medical emergency

ACBSP™ National office fax number: (888) 419-9990
ACBSP™ National office email address: