2017 ACBSP Sports Chiropractor of the Year Perry Williams, DC, DACBSP ® , CSCS

Perry Williams was surprised when a video appeared of him displaying his
customary enthusiasm while coaching a football game. Actually, what Perry brings
goes beyond enthusiasm. It is passion personified. It is difficult to not become
engulfed in Perry’s energy when he begins to speak to a colleague, friend or the
audience at the 2017 ACBSP Sports Science Symposium in Colorado Springs. This is
part of the reason that Perry Williams was elected to be the 2018 ACBSP Sports
Chiropractor of the Year.
Perry Williams resides and has practice locations in Kentucky. Perry’s sports
medicine experience includes:
  1. working in the High Performance Center at the 2016 Olympic Games,
  2. 2016 Olympic Trials Beach Volleyball,
  3. 2016 Olympic Trials USA Weightlifting,
  4. 2015 Weightlifting World Championships,
  5. numerous national weightlifting events in 2014 – 2015,
  6. USA Fencing National Championships in 2013 and 2014.
Competition of this level usually draws praise and nods from those who are
listening to Perry or reading about him. Perry is just as proud of working with his
community as a junior high school head football coach, high school football team
chiropractor or being on the YMCA Board of Directors.
Congratulations, Dr. Perry Williams!