What is the annual certification maintenance fee used for?

The certification maintenance fee is the same fee that has been required each year; it was previously called the recertification fee. The purpose of the fee is described on page 3 of the Certification Maintenance and Continuing Education policy (you can read the policy in its entirety by following the link). "The ACBSP will assess an annual maintenance fee to support board and organizational businessoperations including direct and indirect costs related to providing certificant and certificationmanagement services. The Board of Directors will determine the maintenance fee and penalty feeon an annual basis." Additional explanation of the annual fee and recent revisions to the above mentioned policy can be found at www.ACBSP.com. This article specifically states the following regarding the fee. "The annual maintenance fees paid by active certificants support board and organizational business operations including direct and indirect costs related to providing certificant and certification management services. Functions of the business operations include but are not limited maintaining the integrity of the certification exams and the certification process as well as certificant services and management. The fee for the 2017 certification maintenance period is $125 when paid prior to January 31, 2017 and $150 when paid February 1, 2017 or after. If a certificant allows his/her certification to lapse into inactive status and wishes to reactivate his/her certification a $50 administrative fee will be assessed in addition to all certification maintenance fees due." In addition, at this time, the fee also supports the ACBSP in providing a subscription to the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine for each active certificant.