What is the ACBSP Concussion Registry (ACR)?

The ACBSP Concussion Registry (ACR) is a list of healthcare professionals who have successfully completed specific training in the evaluation, treatment, and management of concussion in athletes. The specific training is provided in the online, self-paced concussion registry course provided by DConline.  ACBSP and DConline collaborate to offer the ACR and the associated concussion course. The ACBSP administers the registration for the concussion course and the listing of healthcare providers in the ACR on ACBSP.com and DConline provides the content and delivery platform for the course. Once the ACBSP receives a completed registration form the healthcare provider's certification status with the ACBSP if verified (if applicable) and payment for the ACR course is collected. The ACBSP then passes the healthcare provider's registration information on to DConline and they initiate access to the course. ACBSP certificants registering to take the ACR course must be current, up-to-date, and have their certification in an active status with the ACBSP to qualify for the certificant registration rates. If the certification is not current or has lapsed into an inactive status, the non-certificant registration rate will apply. The course is updated every two years to include the most recent, relevant research on the evaluation, treatment, and management of concussion in athletes. The course was most recently updated in April 2017.  Once a healthcare provider successfully completes the course their name, degree, ACBSP certification (if applicable), and date of expiration of their registration in the ACR are listed in the ACR on ACBSP.com. In addition, DACBSP candidates who successfully pass the head trauma station of the DACBSP practical exam are also listed in the ACR for two year's from the date of their practical exam. Each provider's registration expires two years from the day they successfully complete the concussion course. ACBSP certificants may earn CEUs to meet their annual continuing education requirement by completing the ACR course. CEUs are awarded 1 CEU/hour actively spent in the online training course. Upon successful completion of the course, DConline will report the actual hours the certificant spent in the course to the ACBSP national office.  Here is some specific information regarding the concussion course: 

  1. Time on Task: The average learner spends 12.45 hours in the course with an additional 1 hour in the mandatory CDC course. So the total time commitment is around 13.5 hours, and may change dependent upon many factors including prior knowledge, reading rate and technical comfort with distance based learning.
  2. Course Delivery: The course uses PowerPoint, video's, narrative lecture, PDFs, outside resources, etc.
  3. There are two learning outcome requirements that are comprised of T/F and MC questions.