Do I need to submit my 2017 CEUs and CPR card?

ACBSP has transitioned to an annual audit process for CEUs and CPR.  Each active certificant is required to complete the necessary CEUs each calendar year.  In addition, a healthcare provider CPR certification is required to be current at all times.  Each January, the national office will perform a random audit selection for CEUs completed during the previous calendar year.  Those selected in the audit will be notified via email and will be required to submit proof of completion of the CEUs.  An updated CPR card may also be required if the one we have on file has expired. CEUs and CPR cards may be faxed or emailed to the national office: Phone/fax: 844-327-2255 or 888-358-3088  If there are any questions regarding the information you submit or if any additional information is needed, please know that you will be contacted and notified at the email address you have supplied to the ACBSP.