How do I remain current and maintain the active status of my CCSP® or DACBSP® certification?

The requirements to remain current and maintain the active status of the ACBSP certificiaton are as follows: a) Pay the annual certification maintenance fee: $125 when paid before January 31 of the current year. The fee increases to $150 when paid February 1 or after of the current year.The annual fee will be assessed to all active certificants each maintenance period and must be paid by January 31 each year. A late fee will be assessed to all certificants who neglect to pay the maintenance fee prior to January 31. In order to maintain an active certification status certificants must pay the maintenance fee and applicable late fee no later than June 30. Certificants not in compliance by June 30 will receive a notification of non-compliance via email and will required to comply within 30 days and be assessed an additional penalty fee. Certificants who do not comply within 30 days will be removed from the online ACBSP™ Certificant Directory on the ACBSP™ website and their certifications will be placed in an inactive status. If a certificant allows his/her certification to lapse into inactive status and wishes to reactivate his/her certification a $50 administrative fee will be assessed in addition to all certification maintenance fees due. b) Maintain a valid healthcare provider level CPR certification.c) Continue your education in chiropractic sports medicine. CEUs must be completed by December 31 of the current year*

*Maintenance of the CCSP® certification requires completion of 12 CEUs each calendar year *Maintenance of the DACBSP® certification requires completion of 24 CEUs each calendar year