ACBSP President’s Message from Bill Moreau

2015 is a year of planning and continued execution for the ACBSP in support of the ACBSP certificants and the patients they serve. There are great gains occurring for ACBSP. Examples include the recognition by State legislative bodies and sporting organizations that Doctors with the DACBSP® and CCSP® certificates of additional qualification are correctly educated, current in their training and tested on important topics like concussion, the PPE, and making return to play decisions. While we do not win all the battles, we are making headway in places where the door has been shut before. Additionally, ACBSP certificants are being recognized by Hospitals, the Department of Defense, employers, National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGB) and the United States Olympic Committee as worthy assets to the meet the needs of their organizations. For the first time, in 2015 a DC DACBSP was the Chief Medical Officer for a Nation at the Pan American Games, which is one of the four largest sporting Games in the world. DACBSPs are serving as Chief Medical Officers for major NGBs like USA Archery and USA Fencing. We expect that there will be continued opportunity for leadership positions and opportunity for employment as third party payers and large health care service organizations continue to realize that there are conservative portal of entry health care providers who are educated and trained to be cost effective, first line of engagement gatekeepers for MSK injury.

The challenges are also significant. The ACBSP will continue to refine and improve the testing of candidates by the continued development and support of the written and practical examination committees. Thank you to all of you that have performed and continue to work hard at ensuring the examinations are keeping up with current knowledge and skills required of the certificants.

The ACBSP must also ensure that the marks of the ACBSPTM, DACBSP® and CCSP® are protected. You can help by using the ® mark after your DACBSP®/CCSP® certification on your business cards and website. These protected ACBSP marks represent the only recognized chiropractic sports medicine specialty for Doctors of Chiropractic in the USA as supported by the American Chiropractic Association and several of the above mentioned healthcare and sporting organizations. You have met the ACBSP standards of maintaining your credentials through education, recognition of the ethics policy of the ACBSP and doing what we are all required to do to maintain competency in our areas of specialty. The ACBSP will continue to educate and encourage individuals who are improperly promoting themselves as a DACBSP® or CCSP® while they are not in good standing to maintain compliance by meeting the standards as the rest of the ACBSP Certificants who are in good standing have done. For the few individuals who are not interested in meeting the standards as defined by the ACBSPTM and still use the protected marks, the ACBSP will take action to identify to the doctor and their respective State Boards they are falsely advertising they have a CAQ they do not actually have.

This year the ACBSP will release another updated ACBSP position stand similar in format to the Concussion Position Paper. This year’s Position Paper addresses the preparticipation examination and the qualifications of Doctors of Chiropractic to perform these examination. The PPE position paper is completed. Look for more information in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine in the near future.

Lastly, I would like to take a moment to offer recognition to the ACBSP office staff that are working hard every day to answer your questions, process your documents and maintain the ACBSP website. You may only see Rebekah Vint, Chief Operations Officer and Nikki Skifstad, Certificant Services Administrator at conferences, but they are there working daily for you and the ACBSP. Drop them a note if you wish to just to say hello. You can find the contact information for these fine staff and much more at the ACBSP website