Explanation of Important Changes to the ACBSP Annual Certification Maintenance Policy and Processes

Certification Maintenance Policy Revision Notice

The American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians™ (ACBSP™) policy formerly titled Recertification and Continuing Education is now titled the ACBSP Certification Maintenance and Continuing Education Policy. This policy governs the requirements for maintaining your ACBSP certification. This policy and its associated process apply to all active certificants. The policy and processes have been significantly revised. Please take the time to read the policy; a link to the policy is provided for you above and in item 5b below.

Annual Certification Maintenance Requirements

  1. All CCSP® certificants are required to attend 12 hours of continuing education specific to the topic of sports medicine each calendar year. 
  2. All DACBSP® certificants are required to attend 24 hours of continuing education specific to the topic of sports medicine each calendar year. 
  3. All certificants must maintain active healthcare provider level CPR certification at all times from the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, or equivalent certification.
  4. All certificants must pay an annual maintenance fee set by the board of directors.
  5. All certificants must complete a certification maintenance registration form annually. The web-based registration form requires each active certificant to:
    1. Provide current personal and business demographic data.
    2. Attest to his/her current compliance and continued compliance with the requirements of the ACBSP Certification Maintenance and Continuing Education Policy.
    3. Attest to his/her acceptance of the Certificant and Candidate Agreement and Release.
  6. All ACBSP certificants are required to maintain personal records as evidence of meeting the requirements described here.

Purpose of Annual Certification Maintenance Requirements

The ACBSP maintains continuing education and CPR certification standards so that all active certificants maintain their competency in their specialty field of chiropractic sports medicine. These standards are designed to protect the integrity of ACBSP certificants and the patients they serve. Please read the revised policy to fully understand acceptable and unacceptable continuing education activities for meeting your annual requirement.

The annual maintenance fees paid by active certificants support board and organizational business operations including direct and indirect costs related to providing certificant and certification management services. Functions of the business operations include but are not limited maintaining the integrity of the certification exams and the certification process as well as certificant services and management. The fee for the 2017 certification maintenance period is $125 when paid prior to January 31, 2017 and $150 when paid February 1, 2017 or after.

Active and Inactive Certification Status

Although the CCSP and DACBSP certifications do not have an expiration date, failure to comply with ACBSP certification maintenance requirements will result in the individual’s certification being designated as inactive.  Once the certification is placed into inactive status, the doctor is prohibited from using the certification marks of the ACBSP and from identifying themselves as certified by the ACBSP, until such time as active certification status has been granted by ACBSP, within its sole and exclusive authority. Once the certification is designated as inactive the doctor’s information will be removed from the online Certificant Directory on the ACBSP website. Failure to discontinue use of the certification marks of the ACBSP will result in legal action and may include report of misconduct to your state licensing board.

If your certification has lapsed into an inactive status, please contact the national to inquire about requirements to bring your certification into an active status again.

Annual Audit Process

Effective January 1, 2015, the ACBSP will no longer require or accept routine submission of evidence of certificants’ continuing education activities; rather the ACBSP will require all certificants to attest to their compliance with all applicable policies including maintenance of evidence records of compliance. Beginning January 2016 the ACBSP will conduct an annual audit on a representative sample of certificants for compliance with certification maintenance requirements for the previous certification maintenance period.

Active certificants randomly chosen as part of the annual audit sample will be notified via email no later than January 31.  Certificants selected for the audit sample must submit valid and verifiable evidence to the ACBSP no later than March 17. Final audit results will be recorded no later than June 30 and a notification of non-compliance will be sent to pertinent certificants via email. Certificants found to not be in compliance, including those that did not respond to the audit notification, will then have 30 days from the date of the notification of non-compliance to provide additional evidence of compliance or otherwise appeal the audit results. If after the 30-day period expires, the non-compliance determination has not been reversed or the certificant has not responded to the initial notification or the notification of non-compliance, the individual’s certification will be placed in an inactive status.

Process to Complete Annual Certification Maintenance Registration Form and Fee Payment

No later than January 1, 2017, all active certificants will receive an email notification requesting them to complete the annual certification maintenance registration form and to pay the annual maintenance fee. The email notification will include a link that will take you to the required form and provide options for payment. You will be provided with an option to pay online via credit card as part of the registration process. You will also be provided the option to mail a check to the ACBSP; the mailing address will be provided.  Your online registration form will be submitted to the ACBSP indicating that you will mail a check within 5 business days of completing the registration form.

To ensure that you receive the email notification to submit the registration form and other important information from the ACBSP, please be sure to add info@acbsp.com to your contacts and safe sender list. The ACBSP have sent communications via this method in the past several years. If you received those communications, you are fine and do not need to take any action other than anticipating the arrival of the annual certification maintenance notification. If you did NOT receive the previous communications, please contact the national office at your earliest convenience to inquire.