ACBSP Misrepresentations


Unfortunately, ACBSP has discovered that ACBSP credentials have been misrepresented or misused with respect to certain individuals.  Obviously, it is important that all certified and licensed care providers accurately represent their credentials in order to protect the public interest, and to represent accurate information concerning professional qualifications.

In order to provide a process for licensing boards, patients, and other interested parties to verify that an individual is a certificant in good standing with the ACBSP, the ACBSP Board of Directors strongly encourages interested parties to verify an individual’s DACBSP® and CCSP® certification status through the ACBSP Directory, located at the website, or by contacting the ACBSP office directly.

Please note that following receipt of information that an inappropriate or unauthorized use of ACBSP certifications or credentials may have occurred, ACBSP will determine if responsive action(s) will be taken, consistent with ACBSP policies and applicable law. 

ACBSP is aware that ACBSP certification credentials have been misrepresented or otherwise misused with respect to the following individuals:

*Our list of violators is currently being compiled. Please check back soon for a complete list of individuals who have misrepresented or misused the ACBSP credentials.